2 teams, 2 storeys in a Danske Bank building, 2 different themes, 1200 sq.m in total.

On one floor the open space is divided by 3 meetings rooms. They all have different structure and material. One is a triangle shaped wood box, with acoustic, grey walls inside, the other – a glass house with green moss on both sides, this followed by house shaped metal frame and the completely glass box type meeting room.

The whole area is made soundproof by using Heartfelt on walls and ceilings. The walls are also decorated in illustrated film poster, which each co-worker chose to hang by their own desk.

The other floor shows completely different style – more at home feeling with crazy meetings rooms. Crazy, because each 3 of them represent different decade, 20s, 50s and 90s, and these wore the times where the IT world was just starting. It‘s a reflection of world before the internet, mainstream programming, PCs and Macs.
The home feeling was achieved by using grey painted wooden panels, soft lights, Scandinavian style, graphics carpet and subtle art.