Lithuanian IKEA Purchasing Office, based in Kaunas was looking forward to move into the new space. The chosen building was close to Old Town, presented perfect views, had a IKEA Delivery Spot nearby and all the space needed for almost 60 employees.

The main idea was to use IKEA products: furniture, lights, rugs and represent local supplier’s produce. The reception desk is actually decorated with a table EKEDALEN legs, the meeting rooms walls with bed slats, MALM chest of drawers fronts and etc.

One of the key features in the office is a big meeting place/kitchen, where the traditional Fika is served daily 9.30 in the workday mornings. Here the main presentations, gatherings and coffee brakes happen.

Different department occupy different space and their needs are met with specific furniture. For example, in Textile department the need to measure the products where required, so the cubes where introduced. They work as a countertop for check-up work and the storage underneath.

Overall the IKEA ideology is clearly shown on the walls and all together creates an inspiring place to work, represent company’s values.