American global media, marketing and corporate communications holding company’s Lithuanian HQ were looking to improve their workspace.

The new 6500 sq.m space was designed to incorporate 3 brands: OMG, PhD and OMD. Each with their own identity colours and approach which is visible in the interior.

OMD space is filled with black detailing, red colour and artwork. This was implemented to support the core values and be an inspiration every day to the employees. The workspace is more open, all team members sit and collaborate together.

OMG/PhD part is divided with wooden glass partition, the need for separate offices was required, but the wood texture gives the space warmth and cosiness. The carpets match the brand colours and every corner has its own functionality; for example, the corridor is used for print areas, small water cooler spots and even a chess game on the magnetic board.

The meeting rooms all decorated with the mural, that represents each brand.