Rise is a global community of world’s top innovators, who are coming together with Barclays to co-operate the future of financial services. Rise Vilnius is a home for FinTech start-ups in Vilnius and in the whole region.

The office had to represent the Rise idea; be exciting, innovative and also welcoming.

Every space was designed to fit the user. There are several seating arrangements; from the table of 4 in the wooden houses, table of 6 between the glass walls to big family tables to seat many individually working people. There are many small corners where office users can have a quiet moment to concentrate, have a discussion with a fellow start up or phone conversation in a phone booths. Clever use of mirror was initiated to make a small room feel bigger.

Walls are decorated with local artist illustration and boards, which explain the main ideas of Rise. Plants and colourful detailing add a little more excitement to every space.

Many new technologies were used in the site: lights are controlled by apps, it can be changed in colour or intensity to fit the user of the space; all meeting rooms are booked online and the schedule is visible next to the meeting room door iPad; order a cup of coffee online from a family owned café (located by the entrance) and its delivered personally to the desk. Payments are made using new apps created by FinTech start-ups; all tables and areas are equipped with electric sockets, this allows users to use their laptops or other devices freely throughout the site

Interior colour include white walls, grey ceiling (to match the piping) and black detailing (glass wall, ceiling lights, door handles), but the main feature – oak wood. It is used in furnishing (tables, chairs), also in auditorium, TV screen box, desk lamps. Wood makes the big difference – the place feels welcoming and warmer than cold industrial, loft feel.